Atelier Ayesha Trainer :The Alchemist of Dusk DX 2020

Koei Tecmo launched the Dusk DX trilogy for lovers of the tides just over a year ago before the next game arrives. Let us first look at Atelier Ayesha: the Dusk DX alchemist to see how it holds up.

Atelier Ayesha Trainer 2020

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Dusk’s alchemist stars Ayesha who lives a lonely life making medicine in her distant laboratory. Her sister Nio used to stay and work there, but apparently she died on a journey to collect things. Upon learning to get Nio back, Ayesha goes on a quest to learn more about alchemy and hopefully to get her beloved little sister back to life. During her career, she will encounter a few pleased chums such as Tomboy’s prospector Regina, Solitary Guardian Linca, the unhappy Wilbell little witch, the enigmatic alchemist Keithgriff, the cheerful and caring Ernie, the close but sensitive baker Fred, the attentive Kyle barker, the sweet Nanaca Nomad, the Goofy Tanya salt salesperson, and Ranun’s bags. The ensemble is one of my favorites in the franchise and the tale that connects them all is simply beautiful.

Atelier Ayesha: The Dusk alchemist blends the gameplay structures to create an thrilling adventure that is hard to put down. For example, you’ll still have a long list of goals, assignments and deliveries to complete and, as you do, you’re going to discover the memories you can write about through memory points, through later searches, flyers, and conversations. I am fascinated by the concept of collecting memories, which makes the trip feel tangible and much more immersive, particularly because memories range from memories of heart to merry moments like helping Nanaca’s cow calf constipation.

Atelier Ayesha trainer

Much as with the others in the show, the core gameplay of Atelier Ayesha focuses on the integration of items, local exploration and combat against monsters. One thing I love is how transparent it is. More precisely, locations are often opened and you can almost instantly buy rare materials that literally take advantage of your hands. The alchemy method is, however, one of the simplest, because you can only pick and use ingredients. Nevertheless, if you are searching for more depth, you can use different commands to maximize your effects and properties and position ingredients to find the best job. While, the war system is really enjoyable, as the party can be dispersed around the battlefield, allowing you to execute back attacks and support each other with follow-up attacks and defensive positions, while the characters are nearby. All is incredibly satisfying and keeps you hooked.

Atelier Ayesha DX is a great RPG I highly recommend, but it has its drawbacks. Second, the graphics in this DX edition are somewhat misleading. Not only have the visuals in Atelier Rorona DX been much improved, I believe those elements are a step further from the original Atelier Ayesha. The biggest problem is the mouths of characters, which they attempted to render real, but which only render the people’s eyes look dangerous, while they continue to cartoonize. It’s weird and distractive. Gameplay-wise, while the pace and everything work well together, many of the later goals include simply running between directions, which gets boring very quickly. I hope these pieces were just cutscenes, rather than pushing you to fly to and from locations.

Atelier Ayesha: the Dusk DX alchemist is the same great experience when you played the original or Plus versions except all the DLC costumes and some mechanics which help improve play. You can sprint when you are exploring and you can speed up combat as well. While these are great inclusions, I just don’t see the point of speeding up the battle because they already play very quickly, but I like being able to run around towns and countries. Also, whether you own the original version or the Plus version then there’s really nothing worth doubling or tripling unless you are a fan of hardcore, of course.

Atelier Ayesha is still one of the longest-running games and this DX version is a perfect excuse if you haven’t already played it. It’s such a marvelous adventure that the memories of Ayesha will also become welcome.

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