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The third and final part of the Atelier games Dusk trilogy, Atelier Shallie: Dusk DX alchemists is another generous help of light JRPG action at its heart with the series ‘hallmark deep alchemy framework. Telling the story of two very different young alchemists, Shallotte and Shallistera, it has you choose one of these two young ladies as you set out to solve yet another ecological problem that the Dusk had brought about. Shallotte, a resident of the town of Stellard, is headstrong and blunt and longs to be free from her low-paid career, optimistic that in her not-too-distant future, fame and wealth lie in wait. On the other hand, Shallistera is completely not the fame-seeking sort and has made a long trek to the Stellard to find a solution to a water shortage which threatens to destroy her home.

As is always the case in the Atelier series – this entry is the sixteenth one, if you were wondering – it’s not long before the dilemma of one person becomes that of everyone else, and the water shortage that affects the village of Shallistera must be prevented from ravaging Stellard. Choosing one of the two main characters here will see events play out in various ways and, as always, there will be several endings, cutscenes and bits and dialog pieces opening up depending on who you’ve decided on playing as. However, in terms of actual gameplay, you’ll spend most of your time here doing Stellard’s union errands in order to become more strong and help stop the threat of drought.

Atelier Shallie Crack : Alchemists of the Dusk Sea Gameplay Review-Screenshot 2 of 5 After a brief sequence of pre-credits that allows you to know the two heroines on offer, this entry in the series leaps happily quickly into practice, avoiding the very turgid opening of its predecessor a few hours in favor of allowing you to get out and out on your world map and craft away to the content of your heart. And there are some pretty good new ropes in here to get to know.

As well as being the first Atelier game to feature a free-moving camera when out in the wild – something that really makes it feel much more modern – this third part also changes some of the franchise’s regular gameplay loops, this time fully exhausting the time limit that your players normally have to complete their various tasks and missions within a given duration or f To be honest, the last two games in the Atelier had made it so easy that staying within your allotted time wasn’t really a challenge, but by eliminating it completely here, this entry allows players to relax, taking all the time they want to explore its different locations, gather and discover new resources and battle monsters.

Atelier Shallie: Dusk Sea DX Review Alchemists-Screenshot 3 of 5 With the time limit feature now fully gone, Atelier Shallie Hack: Dusk DX Alchemists introduce a new ‘Life Tasks’ scheme that has you ticking off a bunch of tasks to make progress to the next chapter in the storyline. Jumping through the X button to your character’s menu helps you to track your progress, and it’s something you’ll have to do very frequently because you’ll still have a long list of things going on at any given time. Life Tasks on the fly can also change depending on how you want to play the game. If you’ve been out fighting monsters rather than just playing then it’ll charge you to go after other types of enemy, while if it’s your jam to collect resources, it’ll fix you with plenty of errands to suit.

Overall, it’s not a bad program, but we found it somewhat annoying just how much we ended up having to go in and out of the menu to test what we were doing or how much more we needed full to go forward. Of course, these games have all been about running endless errands and checking items off lists to make progress, but something about the Life Tasks system here really draws attention to it all in a way that makes it sound a lot more like a chore.

Outside of this, though, it’s all good news for series fans. The turn-based combat system has continued to beefed up and improved, and now there’s a new addition in the form of the Burst Gauge, along with your staple moving sets, special skills and assist actions that allow you to stack attacks and jump in to protect weaker team members while you fill your assist gauge. Successfully hitting enemies loads the burst gage up when being hit brings it down again; raising it up to 100 percent, unleashing burst mode, allowing the party members to attack even more ferociously, doing much more damage to their enemies. It’s another pleasant little wrinkle in what’s a pretty old-school but very fun combat framework, and it certainly sees these games ‘combat feature in the best shape it’s been up to this point.

Atelier Shallie: Dusk Sea DX Review Alchemists-Screenshot 4 of 5 Somewhere else the alchemy, the very heart and soul of every Atelier game, has also had a paint lick and some tweaks here and there. It’s still the same engaging and addictive minigame-style system as it has always been; simple enough to get to grips with, but with enough complexity to get to grips with it that it really becomes a pretty engrossing timepiece – particularly once you’ve levelled up and mastered enough skills to really let you start tinkering with your creations. As well as all the normal variations in ingredient styles, purities and rarities, this time around you can also add features to your ingredients to give them custom-made properties such as extra damage or healing power, or maybe the ability to produce a higher yield of whatever salve or offensive item you might be created. It’s a flexible and fun system which feeds in a very satisfying way into every other aspect of the game.

World traversal and exploration remains mostly the same here as ever; you’ll blast around a map gathering ingredients and battling monsters in small, tightly confined areas – but we have to admit Atelier Shallie Cheats: Dusk Sea DX alchemists are doing better in this regard with areas that are larger and somewhat more fun to look at than previous entries in this series. But don’t make any mistake, this isn’t near the sort of open-world wandering you’ll be used to from a full-fat JRPG, so if that’s the kind of deal you’re looking for, the Atelier games are actually not really for you. Once again, the story keeps things quite small-scale and very neatly ties into the trilogy; there are plenty of cameos coming back from the previous two Dusk games, but rest assured, if this is your first Atelier outing you won’t be struggling to hop into this third portion as the storyline is pretty much self-contained, save for some overlapping threads here and there.

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Atelier Shallie: Dusk Sea DX Review alchemists-Screenshot 5 of 5 Performance-wise, the whole thing runs perfectly smoothly in both docked and handheld modes and for our money it’s probably the best-looking of the three Dusk trilogy entries. Framerate problems that plagued the game’s PS Vita version are non-existent and this is, once again, a title that does fantastically well with portable play; blasting through your life tasks checklists in little bits here and there when you find the time is brilliant stuff.

This DX version, as with the other two games in the trilogy, comes with all the additions from the PS Vita release of the game – including that reworked storyline – and also packs in numerous quality of life features such as the ability to fast forward through swathes of dialogue, speed up travel on the world map and turn up the rate at which combat encounters play out. There are three different settings for difficulties – including a story-mode that lets you sit back and relax completely – and ultimately, as with the other Dusk titles, this is an entry that bends backwards to fit players.

Conclusion Atelier Shallie Trainer: The Dusk Sea DX alchemists are the most powerful entrance in the Dusk series. It adds a fun new camera, amps up the alchemy, improves the turn-based combat system and gives you two heroines to play through with, each with a journey special enough to make it more than worth your time playing twice through the entire thing. World exploration is just as tightly controlled as in previous Atelier games and won’t perhaps suit those hoping for a real sense of adventure or the desire to get completely lost in the wilds of the world presented here but, for fans of the series or those wanting to jump in and check it out, this is another solid entry in the long-running franchise that performs excellently on Switch and suits portable play perfectly.

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