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The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters will bring another dose of the series’ survival-horror adventure to Turn next month, Headup Games has revealed.

The game picks up right where The Coma: Recut left off, but Devespresso Games developer is keen to remember that you won’t have to play the original to understand what’s going on there. This new title sees you playing the role of Mina Park, a minor side-character from the first game who is forced to leave her abandoned high school to elude the clutches of an implacable, psychotic slasher. Ooer, ooer.

Here’s an official feature list and description:

Mina Park, a Sehwa High student, awakens at her school in the dead of night. It’s not long before she becomes conscious that something is wrong. Twisted by something dark and sinister, the once-familiar school where she spends her evenings studying appears. She finds herself being followed by somebody or something that eerily looks like her English teacher. In order to survive, Mina must move beyond her school boundaries and into the surrounding area. There she will find strange creatures, curious people and awkward allies.


  • Fear the constant path of Dark Song to destroy you, now with a brand new AI.
    — Facilities for training for vital life-or-death emergencies or possibility of permanent injury;
    — Visit the nightmarish Sehwa district and find its dark secrets.
    — Scavenge food in order to survive mortal experiences and afflictions.
    — Unlock tools and enhancements to enter places which were previously unavailable.
    — Cover, so as to escape detection and death. Transfer obstacles to hide your whereabouts.
    — Featuring vivid in-game graphics and comic strips, drawn by hand.

The original game The Coma (Cutting Class) was a little bit of a cultic classic. Released at the end of 2015, this was a Korean-origin game that gave the table its own sort of horror. This terror involved fleeing from monsters, running around while avoiding danger and, while doing so, doing small puzzles. The game later received a visual update and a re-release entitled “The Coma-Recut.” That was a strong two years ago and we are now here with Coma 2 release: Vicious Sisters! Let’s see what’s new and, should we?


The Coma 2 takes the story from where The Coma left off. You play as Mina, who is the best friend of Youngho (and who fell into a coma three weeks ago). Mina is just a normal, albeit very popular school girl who worries about her grades and Youngho, but also quickly gets pulled into a world that’s known only as “The Coma” world. None here is what it feels like and Mina is trying to get out …

The way this story is told is through interactions with whomever you meet on your journey, through notes you can take and even through cutscenes that are told as comic panes. It is a tense tale that all the other gaming elements tie well together. One of these elements tells you a lot about the high amount of information that’s happening: the graphics.


Visually, The Coma 2 proved to be amazing and very fun. There was still some cute art style going on in the original game, but The Coma 2 really shows how much developers have evolved since last time. The game uses comic-style panels to tell a story while you’re not doing it consciously, so it’s big enough to be released right on the spot in a real comic. All around you is looking extremely informative and spooky while playing. This leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling throughout the playthrough as there’s so much to look at, uncertain what might harm you in any way.

The only slight “flaw” relevant to graphics is that the animations are still performed with rigged 2D graphics, giving a bit of a puppet-like feeling to certain animations, driven by invisible lines. The way you go bop on your backs, the way you run is shot, it’s far from terrible and trivial because the developers and artists have shot such a fantastic job at everything else, but sometimes you will find it anyway. And when you note, instead of a full-fledged game developed in 2020, the game feels a bit like an old-school flash game.

Sound Like

Like many aspects of the game, the sound greatly enhances the atmosphere of horror which keeps breathing in your neck at all times. It not only simulates the objects that surround you directly, such as mushy tentacles on walls, but often also sounds outside of your immediate atmosphere that are situated elsewhere in the building in which you find yourself. This is atmospheric in part, but it’s also part of the gameplay for another aspect, and very successful in doing so. When you hear a beast going literally from left to right outside the space in which you live, that will do wonders about how authentic the simulated world sounds.


Looking at the gameplay, it’s obvious from the first The Coma game that hardly anything has improved. Essentially, it’s a game of horror survival, divided into a few sections. Each of these levels has a couple of rooms that hint at their original purpose, like a school cafeteria or a police station armory. Such rooms are distorted in the dark and sinister world of The Coma and you have no idea what to expect inside each one of them. This is the game’s big strength but also a bit of a weakness. It’s good because, obviously, the unpredictable aspect adds to the experience of horror, but it’s weak because you realize very quickly that not much is being done with each room.

The center of The Coma 2 is easy: advance by moving from A to B as you expect to find an escape at some point to this mysterious world of The Coma. This running around involves finding keycards and other objects, and solving small puzzles as well. Often you’ll be chased by a demon, or you’ll have to watch every move on the floor or ceiling as the threat lurks. But, you become accustomed to this and then you find that most rooms are surprisingly secure. This is improved by the decent amount of usable save points, but you can barely die in the first place because, beyond the monsters that can be avoided, the place is littered with supplies to heal yourself. It is the only mechanic that breaks the relentless tension a bit but is far from game-breaking thanks to the atmosphere of story and horror.

Wherever The Coma 2 keeps you on your feet, it does another positive thing too. It gives you the ability to choose a better outcome for the story on several occasions by just sticking at the awful place you’ll find yourself a little longer. Every normal being’s instinct will tell them to get the hell out of there as soon as possible, but if you overcome just a little extra, the courage will lead to a more rewarding feeling as well as a more simple overall game because the game would permanently take away one of your five health bars if you want to pussy out. It’s a brilliant idea that works very well, given you’re going to let a sigh out and say: Ah sh*t, we’re going back here.


The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is a strong house of horrors with a solid plot, improvements compared to its first part, fantastic sound and graphics. The graphics could have been slightly stronger, and the gameplay feels like it counteracts the horror atmosphere that the game often produces, but it continues to be a very tense overall experience, and tense is just what you’re looking for in such a genre.

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